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Formerly Known As - The Rockingham County Council on Aging

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Community Resource Connections

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The NC Community Resource Connections for Aging and Disabilities, now simply called CRC,  is a statewide initiative to create a coordinated system of access to information for all people seeking long-term support and services. Its purpose is to create a highly visible and trusted resource for information on the full range of service and supports available to the frail, the aging and the adult disabled. The Piedmont Triad CRC is taking a “no wrong door” approach to these vital services. When completely operable, consumers encounter seamless access to needed information no matter where they access the support system.

As the lead agency in Rockingham County, ADTS is one of several Rockingham County community partners building on the existing community infrastructure in order to support individuals of all disabilities and incomes. The goal is to help these consumers make informed, cost-effective choices regarding needed services. In the process the goal is to minimize confusion, enhance choice and support future planning.

There are three main functions of the Piedmont Triad CRC. First is awareness and information through public education and dissemination of quality information about long-term service and support options. Second is enhanced assistance or helping the consumers to utilize options like benefits counseling, employment counseling and planning for future long-term services to determine and satisfy each consumer’s needs. And last, but most important, is streamlined access to needed services. This will be accomplished through facilitation of programmatic and financial eligibility determination, assistance in gaining access to private pay services as well as uniform access to all public programs. Integrated access also means streamlined eligibility, so timelines can be shortened and services delivered sooner to those in need.

Through the effective use of technology Rockingham County CRC will be able to provide streamlined access for the consumer. There will be availability of web-based databases, decision support tools, information exchange and standard software across CRC partners. This will make it easier for consumers to understand their options and plan for their needs. It will also allow for uniformity and better coordination therefore eliminating unnecessary steps. There will be more focus on the appropriate setting for services and support and providers can be more responsive to the needs of consumers as they change over time.
The three key players in the Rockingham County CRC recognize that they are a part of a paradigm shift in the manner in which a consumer or family accesses long-term service and supports. The hope is that Rockingham County will not just be a great place to live in, but a great place to grow older in as well.


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