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Our Volunteer Caregiver program is built on the idea of neighbors helping neighbors. Volunteers make a friendly visit or call, help with minor home maintenance, get someone to a much needed doctor’s appointment, provide minor home repairs, lawn care, or respite relief for caregivers. Services are provided free of charge by non-paid volunteers who have gone through an application process, reference check, interview, and orientation. Efforts are made to find a volunteer to complete your service request, but there are no guarantees that someone will be available on the requested date and time. Referrals are made to community agencies or programs when requested services fall outside of the scope and capability of volunteer services.

To be eligible for these services you must meet the following criteria:
- Over the age of 60 OR over the age of 18 with a documented disability OR A caregiver of a person over the age of 60 or a person over the age of 18 with a documented disability that is requesting caregiver training or support group programs
- Not have a supportive person who is willing and able to provide the requested service or the financial means to hire a person to fulfill that need,
- Reside in a private home located within Rockingham County or be in the process of transitioning from a nursing facility into a private residence.

Person’s wishing to receive volunteer services will receive a home visit that determines their eligibility and full explains the scope of the program. Prioritization Applicants are generally assessed and processed on a “first come, first served” basis determined by the date of initial application. However, applicants are given priority consideration if he/she exhibits any of the following:
- Applicant is terminally ill
- Individual is identified at risk by their local Department of Social Services who has an order of protection by Adult Protective Services for abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Volunteer Caregiver Services include:
Assurance: Friendly visits, telephone calls
Home Maintenance: Lawn care (grass cutting, leaf raking), minor home repair, wheelchair ramps
Transportation: Medical appointments, grocery shopping
Caregiver Supports: Respite sitter,  Caregiver-to-Caregiver Peer Support program